When did everything change?

Does anyone remember that fateful day when our pets went from being a companion, a  little part of our lives, to completely running our day-to-day?

I grew up with Labradors, they stayed outside 23.5 hours a day. They came in for mere minutes a day, and that normally only happened when they saw an open screen door and bolted! They would only sleep in the house when it got nasty cold.

Now I have dogs that sleep on my bed, and get pissed when I take up 'their' space. Their treats smell batter than anything I put into my body, they go outside for MAYBE an hour or two a day, weather dependent (they can’t stand the rain, but will lay in a snowbank for hours) The one thing that I’m sure they just hate me for, is they still eat dry dog food, poor abused mutts. Granted it must be made by the elves that live in the bigger, nicer trees than those Keebler elves, because this kibble is expensive.

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This next part might really offend some pet owners.

Can you believe there are resorts and vacation spots that won’t allow pets? Even if you refer to them as your fur babies, and push them around in strollers?? The horror.

That is where some pretty special Pet Boarding facilities can help.

Here in Butte, the leader in the clubhouse is R&R Pet Resort. They are billed as Butte’s only luxury boarding facility. They offer overnight boarding, doggy daycare, as well as grooming. I have never heard a bad thing from anyone about R&R. The families I know that use R&R love them.

Logan’s Run Pet Boarding in Anaconda has some pretty fantastic reviews as well, with a lot of one-on-one interactions for dogs. You can view more on their Facebook page.

Helena shows several different Dog boarding centers with very good reviews.

The SkyHi Kennel, and the Dogwood Lodge Kennels both show fantastic reviews, with several more to choose from if you are in the Capital City.

I know this is going to be hard to hear, but your dogs don’t need to go to Vegas with you to see Adele. Yes, I know your fur babies love her, and you sing “Someone like you” to them every night before bed, but maybe leaving them at a kennel, excuse me, a doggy resort, will be good for both of you.

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