Over the past couple of decades, we have seen Butte flourish into one of the most fan-friendly festival cities in the Northwest.  Anyone who doubts this need just attend a single event at the Montana Folk Festival, which will be coming up here in just a few short weeks.  Shoot, you only need look back a few weeks to see the turnout for the annual St. Patrick's Day celebration to see what kind of a party Butte is capable of throwing.  But there's one festival that is relatively new, but one that started out big and has only continued to grow.  And I'm talking about Brawls and Kickstart Days.  Which starts with boxing, both with gloves and without.  It's intense.

But it's a lot more than that.  Extreme sports are also a part of the weekend.

And it always ends with a huge concert.  Last summer we got to see local phenoms False Fiction open for Everclear in what was one of the best concerts the Mining City has seen in a long time.

It's no surprise that this festival is turning into something big.  Monty Klistoff and his crew from NXT Gen Entertainment are behind it and, as we saw last weekend at the "Fight Kingdom II" MMA card they put on at the Butte Civic Center, they go big, or they go home.  Again, this time they went big and went so far as to film part of an upcoming movie during the event.  So, it caught our attention when they put up this recent Facebook post:

What could this mean?  A concert announcement?  A new venue?  More fighters?  We can only venture a guess at this point.  And we'll be sure to let you know when developments are announced.

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