Well, after another long winter behind us, the recent snowfall notwithstanding, we have come to Memorial Day Weekend and Summer's unofficial start.  Regardless of the weather or the forecast there are many who will be heading to area campsites for the holiday weekend, and local forester and outdoor recreation enthusiast Jocelyn Dodge says that the campgrounds are ready. She shared with us some things you should know beforehand if you're heading for a campsite or river over the long weekend.

"All campgrounds in the Butte area including Delmoe Lake, Beaver Dam, Lowland, Toll Mountain and White House are open along with campgrounds in the Georgetown Lake area," Dodge told us.  However, you may have to pay a bit to get a spot.  "Fees have been implemented at many sites including camping and day use areas.  Check with local Ranger District offices for more information."

Memorial Day Weekend also means that many will also be taking to Montana's waterways for fishing and floating and there are steps that must be adhered to on the water as well.  "With fishing season upon us, it's important to protect our waters from aquatic invasive species," Dodge told us.  "Treat all watercraft the same whether it's a boat, kayak or raft.  Remember the three steps, clean, drain and dry, whenever you change bodies of water."

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?  Please be safe wherever you go and remember to never drink and drive.  For more information on Southwest Montana's campsites or waterways, contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-2167.

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