Ducks Unlimited, an organization that has valued nature for decades and continues to do so, will host their annual banquet at the Helena Civic Center (340 Neill Avenue) this Friday, March 3rd; doors open at 5:30 p.m. The goal of Ducks Unlimited is to promote the welfare of waterfowl and their young as they nest and migrate through the winter months. Thanks to fundraisers such as the upcoming Helena Ducks Unlimited Banquet, the conservation of wetlands and the protection of waterfowl and other species is made possible. For more information, contact Randy at (406) 442-8375. A variable of tickets is still available by visiting Montana's Ducks Unlimted online right HERE. (continued...)

Also, at this year's Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Helena, there is the option to bid on the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Park Commissioner's Moose Tag. Those interested must be present at the banquet to qualify for the tag or must register prior to the event in order to be considered for phone-in bidding. For details and to register, call Kerkhoff at (406) 876-2847. According to, Ducks Unlimited has raised more than $3.5 billion since 1937 for the conservation of over 13 million acres of wetlands and other wildlife habitats throughout North America. Currently, in Montana, there are over 8,234 Ducks Unlimited members. For more information on events and fundraisers planned this year, contact Barry Allen, the Senior Regional Director of DU, at (406) 780-0523.

The Facebook page, Montana Ducks Unlimited, is also another great way to "stay in the know". This page is sure to keep you up to date on the conservation of wetlands and the protection of waterfowl.

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