No arm twisting was necessary to maintain attendance at this year's Oktoberfest in Anaconda. In fact, that has never been the case for the Copper Village Museum and Art Center's and Discover Anaconda's staple event over the years. A crowd of over 200 people was willingly front and center at last Saturday's festivity. As a witness to the event and from the pictures illustrated in this article, it's evident there was no shortage of fun for Oktoberfest enthusiasts. Under the direction of Shannon Warner of the Copper Village Museum and Art Center, Teah Fuller of Discover Anaconda, and many hard-working staff members and volunteers, Anaconda's Oktoberfest offered something for everyone! Plenty of arts and crafts filled the Center on the day of the event. Then, there was the aroma of traditional Oktoberfest food, from bratwurst to kraut, LIVE music, a beer garden featuring the malt potions of several local breweries in Friendship Park (adjacent to the Center), and a host of contests to include hoisting! All festivities were scheduled to wrap up at 5 p.m., but the adage, 'time flies when you're having fun', stood true, and most attendees didn't exit until closer to 6 p.m. If allowed, many would have stayed until 2 in the morning!

The event was well organized, and the fact that the weather cooperated made all the difference. Now, onto the hoisting competition! Dana Kovitz from Missoula won in the women's division, and Anaconda's own Sam Jovanovich won in the men's division. Kovitz and Jovanovich were beasts commanding enormous steins of beer in each hand, similar to lifting weights, something they seemed to do based on their hoisting capabilities. All contenders put up a good fight, for sure! One bystander thought the contestants had to drink the glasses of beer they hoisted at the end of the competition! Lol! If they weren't exhausted after the contest, they sure would be after slamming two liters of beer. Good thing that wasn't one of the rules unless their thirst depended on it! What is your favorite part of Oktoberfest, or do you steer clear of it? Please let us know in our comment section, PLUS CHECK OUT MORE GREAT PICS OF OKTOBERFEST BELOW! 

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