As the host of "Kickin' With Carin, Middays on KMBR FM," I have literally said the word "SNOW" during an on-air weather forecast more this year than any other year of my life as a broadcaster! "Snow flurries, the white stuff, precipitation, the other four letter word"! You name it, and I've done it; used the term "snow" on the radio in the most "as a matter of fact" way so that I don't stress out the listener or myself for that matter. I mean, you still have to be firm about how the topic of hazardous weather is revealed so that people know what to expect in taking precautions; but some subtleties have to be there. But then again, I'm just the messenger. Imagine how meteorologists across Montana and the nation feel about the dynamics of this year's weather pattern, then having to relay it to hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners as if they're the ones that caused such drastic conditions to happen in the first place. On either side of the mic, it's safe to say that we are "over" the current state of the weather in Montana. Besides, on paper, it's officially SPRING! (continued...)

So, with the topic at hand and the reason for this article, the forecast in Southwest Montana this week undoubtedly calls for more snow. Yippee!!...said no one ever! Well, maybe skiers and snowboarders, but regardless, remain diligent if you must travel the next few days, and make sure to check weather conditions periodically on are Townsquare Media website (click HERE -> WEATHER . You can also check any of our sister station websites for details. The process is quick,  easy, and a good habit. Plus, listen for my weather report on 95.5 KMBR FM (or stream here) Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the bottom of each hour. One day, the topic of sunshine and a little rain will come up on our posts, but for now, keep up-to-date on the forecast and be safe... "Said everyone EVER".

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