Old School Speed Skating is coming to the Butte High Altitude Skating Center, January 13th through the 16th! The name of the event quickly caught my eye. "Old School", which I am...to a point, so don't get it twisted. Lol. As for the "skating" part, our family often hit the ice at Kennedy Common in Anaconda growing up, so I definitely consider it a favorite pastime. As described by the event organizers, SkateNOW, LLC, Old School Speed Skating is a casual social gathering on ice. You can wear wooden skates, hard-tails, nordic blades, or whatever you can find to help glide your (covered) feet across the ice.

Old School Speed Skating is the ultimate retro experience! The event begins with night skating and dinner at the rink on the 13th. SkateNOW, LLC has also arranged for master skaters or anyone who would like to train for outdoor speedskating to join them for their marathon on Saturday, January 14th. Following the marathon, skaters will have the option to unwind at Fairmont Hot Springs. A reminder that, aside from the springs, all Old School Speed Skating events will take place at the Butte High Altitude Skating Center. For more information about Old School Speed Skating happening January 13th through the 16th, please get in touch with the Butte High Altitude Skating Center at (406) 565-2608 or (406) 494-4018. More information is also available on their Facebook page at Old School Speed Skating. Per SkateNOW, LLC, travel expenses are the responsibility of all interested participants. Hope to see you with sharpened blades and a smile!

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