Technically it's summer, but everywhere you turn there's plenty of references to fall! After all, football season has started, the nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, plus most every store you visit has pumpkins, manufactured autumn leaves and even Halloween merchandise available for sale.  We could stay in denial that summer is on its way out, or embrace the fact that fall is well on its way.  First thing that comes to mind in Fall, is the different seasonal scents that fill the air and the flavors that fill the palette.

However, there is a consensus of household items and food products that should not possess the ever so popular pumpkin flavor and scent.  Now, although the online site Wide Open Eats nailed it with select items that should NOT contain pumpkin scent/flavoring, I have to admit there were a few on the list I would welcome! Wanting a second opinion, I asked Kaedance, one of our producers her thoughts on the topic. From the outcome, it's safe to say she's a huge fan of pumpkin spice!  Here are items we agreed deserved two thumbs upPumpkin flavored TWINKIES or CANDY CORN brand treats, almonds, cold brew coffees, spray-on food spice, cream cheese and soap. Meanwhile, Kaedance was all about pumpkin deodorant, auto detailing spray, doggie dental chews and dog shampoo, but I was NOT. In examining the remainder of the list, we agreed that pumpkin flavored PRINGLES or PEEPS brand treats, hummus, toothpaste and beard oil should be banned. Lol!

I also came up with a list of other items I feel should NOT be in the pumpkin scented/flavored category to include licorice, caramels, cigars, chewing tobacco and trash bags. WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  What are some products you would NEVER try if they were pumpkin infused?



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