Let's face it, we're all trying to keep cool this summer! So you know the drill, right?

#1- Drink plenty of water...just enough to make a trip to the bathroom at least 10 times an hour. #2- Seek plenty of shade and air conditioning whenever possible, even if it means pushing someone out of the way to get the best breeze, but only if you lift weights and have a better "resting b#% face" than your "shade profiling" opponent. #3- Slather enough sunscreen on your body to look like you're ready for a human rotisserie. ...and an all time favorite, #4COVER UP! Make sure to wear your favorite hats, caps and head coverings all summer long to block those harmful UV Rays.

So, what's the best head covering? You decide; Whether it's your favorite baseball cap, sunhat, derby, bucket hat, cowboy hat or a list of countless other fabulous head toppers, stay safe in the sun while looking pretty awesome in the process! Now, not all hats are created equal and some are simply not allowed in public places. Oh wait, that was the case in the 1950's and the topic of another article, altogether. Makes me feel like breaking into song right about now, but, moving on! You see, nowadays... (sound effect of crickets) Hmmm...the word nowadays reminds me of the old adage, "when I was your age", so let's skip that and cut to the importance of this article. What was it again? Oh, yes...hats, caps, etc...They are welcome almost anywhere at anytime. So, carry on with your awesome self, and as your aunt or some other bossy role model would say back in the day, "put your hat on!"

Right here, check out pics of summer safety tips reminiscent of junior high gym class, and trendy hats you wish you had this season or already DO.  Because after all, everyone, subliminally, loves a show off, and especially one in a hat.

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