Earlier this week, I talked about the possibility of a 4-team tie for second place, on the Men’s side of the Frontier Conference. I went and did a bit of digging, and amazingly that wouldn’t be the first 4-way tie to end a season. In 2007-2008 we finished the regular season with a 4-way tie at the top of the standings. Westminster, Carroll College, MSU Northern, and Lewis Clark State, all finished 10-4 in conference play. (L.C beat Northern in the Tournament chipper)

I’m really glad I found that bit of history (because I certainly didn’t remember!) BUT, it wasn’t the reason I started to dig in the first place.

We continually yell at anyone who will listen about how good, and how competitive our conference is from top to bottom. This year is a great example of that. The one ‘oddity’ of this year- as opposed to years previous- is it is not a two-horse race going into the final stretch.

Belly drives v. Providence-Picture courtesy of BnO Photography. BRIANNA OMARA
Belly drives v. Providence-Picture courtesy of BnO Photography. BRIANNA OMARA

Over the last 20 years of Frontier Conference play that has been the ‘norm’. Amazingly, half of those 20 regular seasons have ended with a tie at the top of the conference standings. Six seasons witnessed the conference champs finish with a 1 game cushion over second place. The final year of Lewis Clark as a Frontier member shows them with the only 2 game advantage at the end of the season.

The largest 1st place cushion in the last 20 years, has been 3 games. Providence was the last to do it in 2019-2020 over Carroll College. Before that? 2009, when Westminster held a 3-game advantage over UM Western at the end of the regular season.

With one game left in the regular season, Montana Tech has a 4-game advantage over MSU Northern and Providence. With a win Saturday, the four-game lead would hold or possibly jump to five games with a Providence loss. Neither of those numbers have been seen on the men's side of the conference in 20+ years. We could see a remarkable accomplishment in an incredibly tough Frontier Conference.

Keeley Bake reacts to MSU-Northern pressure Thursday night at Kelvin Sampson Court. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Keeley Bake reacts to MSU-Northern pressure on Kelvin Sampson Court. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

Saturdays matchups- 4pm

Montana Tech @ MSU Northern
Rocky @ Western
Providence @ Carroll

Frontier Conference Tournament will take place February 26 ,27,28 in Great Falls at the Four Seasons arena.

The tournament schedule can be found on the Frontier Conference Website.

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