As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today". Pretty good advice from  a Founding Father and a kite flying, bad *ss inventor.  Of course, the thing humans most commonly "put off" are CHORES. It's true! Procrastinating chores is inevitable, but there are also some extracurricular activities that we don't allow ourselves to enjoy in the moment, either. No time like the present to get out there and enjoy yourself and in between, finish those particular tasks/chores around the house, and maybe some involving your vehicle.

Twist my arm as we cut to the fun stuff  first. Top on the list of things to do pronto, is to enjoy plenty of outdoor gatherings, whether it be to one of the many scenic lakes in the area to include Delmoe, Georgetown, Holter and Houser. Make it a day trip of fishing, picnicking and swimming or turn it into a camping excursion while there's still plenty of summer left. Next on the list, outdoor concerts. Montana is a prime spot for some amazing LIVE entertainment venues to include Missoula's Kettlehouse Amphitheater and the Big Sky Brewing Company, Helena's Symphony Under The Stars and much more. Also, add to next year's fun list, Butte's Montana Folk Festival, which features world class entertainment at various venues in historic uptown Butte the second week in July. A must see!

Regarding chores, it's best to keep a list of different cleaning or decluttering projects to do around the house in a given week. A list can help with feeling overwhelmed and aids in improving organization skills down the road. Using a simple erase board or a log book is a practical and effective way to indicate what days of the week are kitchen, living room and bathroom cleaning days or what days are for deep cleaning and what days are for doing absolutely nothing at all. This basic technique is also very plausible in the work place, too.

No matter the case and for peace of mind, it's important for everybody to find an effective balance between chores and fun!

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