Sooner or later, we might actually see a stretch of spring-like days. Fingers crossed.

With spring comes spring cleaning. And with spring cleaning comes one of my favorite questions:

“What’s your tare weight?”

I love mucking out, everything. Whether it is yard waste, that inevitable pile of ‘stuff’ in the basement, or garage, I love to load up the back of the truck and haul it all to the dump.

Some people get off on mowing the lawn, and I, for some reason, just love to throw stuff in the dump. (my team of therapists doesn’t understand it either)

Landfill Sites In The South Are In Danger Of Running Out Of Space
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

With it closing in on that spring cleaning time of year, I thought we should have a refresher course on the Butte-Silver Bow landfill. The main landfill is 5 miles west of Butte on Browns Gulch Road. The facility is just off I-90, north of Rocker.

The main landfill is open 7 days a week year-round, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Remember if you are heading out to the landfill, whether you have a full truckload or you are dragging a trailer, make sure to securely cover your load! You are required to cover all loads going to the landfill, and not only cover them, you have to make sure they are secured as well. (no flapping tarps with leaves and tree limbs blowing out all over the place)

All household garbage and trash are accepted at the landfill. You can bring used motor oil to the landfill, but please bring it in sealed containers that can be left at the landfill. Washing machines and dryers can be put into the landfill. BUT, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, or anything that uses freon are not accepted at the local landfill. Old paint cans are accepted as well, but only if the paint is dried out with sand or kitty litter. Vehicle tires are also accepted for a fee.

No word yet on Butte’s Alley Rally, it usually gets underway around Memorial Day.

You can find a full list of items you can and can’t take to our landfill HERE.

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