Montana Tech athletes are making waves this year.  Football, volleyball, basketball and track and field teams from the school on the hill are setting records and rasing the bar for those who strive to wear the Green and White.  But it is not only at the NAIA level that Tech athletes are making waves as Tech's Judo Club recently got a big reason to brag.  The following is from Montana Tech's Marketing and Communications department:

Electrical engineering senior Devin Amtmann brought home a bronze medal from Judo Collegiate Nationals held at Texas A&M University April 5-7.  Devin went 2-2 at competition against competitors from the University of Washington, University of Hawaii, United States Military Academy West Point, and San Joe State,

Devin is the first Montana Technological University Judo Club member to attend a national judo competition in its 33-year history. Devin is a Butte native who has been practicing Japanese martial art since she was three years old, and is the president of Montana Tech’s Judo Club.  “Devin fought very tough, and I am so proud of my daughter,” said Biological Sciences Professor John Amtmann, Montana Tech’s Judo Club sponsor, and Devin’s father.

Marisa Pedulla, professor of biology at Montana Tech, 1996 U.S. Olympian, and 4-time national collegiate judo champion has watched Devin’s judo skills grow over the years. Devin has been practicing Japanese martial art since she was three years old.  “We are proud of Devin representing Montana Tech and congratulate her on placing in a very competitive national event,” Pedulla said.

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