Welcome to Butte!

I love when tournaments hit town. The MAC is hosting the 12c District tournament this weekend, followed by Divisionals next weekend, and then the combined AA tournament will hit the Butte Civic Center March 9-11.

We will have a plethora of busses rumbling around town, and a lot of great people enjoying time in the Mining City.

When it comes to any tournament, in any town the biggest decision is always “Where to eat?”
In Butte, you just can’t go wrong with, what I would consider, the go-tos, places like MacKenzie River, and Silver Bow Pizza. How about Sparky’s Garage, The Montana Club, or Metals Sports Bar and Grill? The other that has to be part of the conversation no matter the occasion, is the Pekin Noodle Parlor, if you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?

If you are wanting to sit down for a treat how about Casagranda’s, or La Casa Toscana uptown, or head out to the flats for Montana Rib and Chop, or Lydias. You can’t go wrong in Butte, we are truly lucky with the number of great eateries we have, and the great people that make them what they are.
The one issue when games get out is crowds, and I thought I might give you a couple of options that might be new to you, or off the beaten path a bit.

The first is the Homestake Pub, 1107 Utah. Most Butte people will say that they are in the old North Star building, if that helps. Everything I have tried here has been wonderful, outstanding burger,the Philly cheesesteak is awesome, and ALWAYS order a scotch egg for an appetizer. On top of the food, really great atmosphere as well. They also just added on a Sunday Brunch, which I need to try. You can find them on Facebook HERE.

Mr. Hot Dogs on Cobban is a place that has a rabid following. Anyone that I know that has been there, Loves it. Their menu is a lot deeper than hot dogs as well, take a look at their yelp, their pics, and their reviews. People love the joint.

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Lastly, La Sirena Mexican Food. 501 s. Excelsior. This is a drive-thru only, so bring it back to the hotel, or just eat it in the car. I have several times, trust me, it’s worth it. Their green chili Chimichanga might be one of my favorite things in all of existence. My wife says their birria tacos are amazing, I wouldn’t know I can’t drag myself away from the Chimi. Always get a piece of cheesecake too. You can follow them on Facebook HERE.

There are a few that you might not be familiar with, so welcome to Butte and enjoy, but make sure to get your pasty and pork chop too.

Food and Restaurants you will only find in Butte, MT Part 2

Food and Restaurants you will only find in Butte, MT Part 2

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