Where to start when it comes to this guy? I mean, every time he hits the stage, he has us believing hook, line, and sinker that his "side-kick" co-hosts actually have a mind of their own and, furthermore, that they're REAL! Of course, I'm talking about the multi-talented Jeff Dunham, who is set to make two appearances in Montana this April during his "Still Not Cancelled" Tour"! On the one hand (pun intended), he's a brilliant ventriloquist who knows how to throw his voice with some of the most hilarious one-liners and comedy bits to ever come out of his clenched jaw. No doubt he knows how to grab the audience's attention because Jeff Dunham is pretty d*mn funny and a whole lot more. (more about Dunham below)

As described on his website, jeffdunham.com, the master entertainer himself earned significant recognition for hosting nine record-breaking comedy specials over the years, including Comedy Central's Minding the Monsters and his Very Special Christmas SpecialOf course, these specials and many like them wouldn't have been successful without his right-hand men, Cranky Old Walter, Peanut, Jose the Jalapeno on a Stick, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, his NASCAR-lovin' buddy, Bubba J, and more! For all our sake, thank goodness Dunham received a toy ventriloquist dummy for Christmas at the age of nine! (tickets below)

So make it happen, Montana! Get the full "Jeff Dunham" experience with his LIVE shows on April 28th at the Adam Center in Missoula (7 pm) and April 29th at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse in Bozeman (5 pm). Tickets, seating, and details are made easy right here for Dunham's show in Missoula -> ADAM CENTER TIX.  AND here for his show in Bozeman -> BREEDEN TIX

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