An upcoming event in Butte is all about being FASHIONABLY EARLY! On Friday, December 30th, the place to be is the Butte Elks Lodge, as they host their Pre-New Year's Eve Party! Partygoers will undoubtedly have a blast at this festive event as they say goodbye to 2022 and ring in 2023! LIVE music by the Berkeley Pits will begin at 8 p.m.! Doors open at 6 p.m.

The Pre-New Year's Eve Party at the Butte Elk's Lodge on December 30th is a theme party where participants can have a great time dressed in their favorite attire from the 1920s! Put on your best flapper or Great Gatsby gown. Feathers, headbands, beads, and glamorous red lipstick should add nicely to that top-notch 1920s look. Or go with a gangster, newsboy, or Great Gatsy get-up. Add a button-down vest with a white or black dress shirt, black tie, bow tie, vintage pocket watch, tobacco pipe, wool newsboy cap, or a specialty hat! Great choices from the 1920s include fedora, straw boater, pork pie, bowler, or derby hats.

Time for a change of pace over the holiday season with an outing at the Butte Elks Lodge for their FASHIONABLY EARLY Pre-New Year's Eve Party! Remember, it all gets underway this Friday, December 30th, with LIVE music by the Berkeley Pits beginning at 8 p.m! Plus, as always, if you plan on partying the night away, make sure to have a designated driver. It's great to have fun, but make sure to do it responsibly. Get the word out!

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