If you're expecting a child this year, then you have plenty on your mind. From preparing your home for that bundle of joy to keeping up on doctor's appointments, there's a great deal involved in the process. Add to that list, coming up with a name for your precious little one. Perhaps your plan is to name your baby after a beloved family member. Many people also like to go the route of choosing baby names that are traditional, new fangled or trending for the moment.

The online site Baby Names has compiled baby names that have been popular in the state of Montana over the past two years and those they believe will continue to carry clout in the year 2023. Even if you're already set on a particular baby name(s), depending on how many children you plan to have, it's still intriguing to see what parents are naming their kiddos these days in Big Sky Country.

The top boy names trending in Montana - OliverHenry, William, WyattJamesLiamOwenHudsonNoahCarter, LincolnJacksonLuke, Ezra, Finn, MaverickBrooksCooperJaxonMason, Beau, Riley, Lucas, Wesley, ElijahLoganSawyerGreysonIsaiah, and Miles.

The top girl names trending in Montana - CharlotteOliviaHarperEmmaAmelia, Madison, AvaPaisleyEllieAvery, HadleyPiperAuroraViolet, Claire, Ella, IsabellaAbigail, AddisonAudreyEmeryLillianNatalieSophiaZoeyAspenHannahLilyAubrey, and Remi.

See any baby names above that fit the script? Nonetheless, congratulations and good luck to all first-time parents "to be" and those who have been around the baby block a few times. The next step is coming up with a middle name for your future world leader. Sigh. Details, details.

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