It looks like they're expecting a party Tuesday evening at the Depot.  As we previously announced last week nationally renowned Americana artist Eric Dowdle will be in town for the official unveiling of his "Butte, America" puzzle, the image of which has yet to be revealed.  Judging from some of his past work, we are in for a pleasant surprise at tomorrow's unveiling which will begin at 5pm at the Butte Depot with Stephanie Sorini and members of the Butte Chamber of Commerce.  Organizers have just announced that local multi-instrumentalist/vocalist John Montoya will be providing music. The following is a release from the Chamber:

Butte, MT - – Renowned artist and puzzle creator Eric Dowdle is thrilled to announce the release of his latest puzzle, "Butte America," which captures Butte, Montana's vibrant history, culture, and scenic beauty. This highly anticipated puzzle is now available for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Eric Dowdle, known for his detailed and colorful artwork, has meticulously crafted "Butte America" to showcase the unique charm and historical significance of this iconic American city. From its storied past as a bustling mining town to its present-day cultural landmarks, the puzzle offers a captivating journey through Butte’s rich heritage.

To celebrate the launch, The Butte Chamber of Commerce and Butte Local Development Corporation will be hosting a launch party on Tuesday, July 2nd at The Butte Depot at 5:00pm, where he will share insights into the creation of "Butte America" and answer questions from fans and puzzle enthusiasts.

The "Butte America" puzzle is now available for purchase at the Butte Chamber of Commerce or

Please join us at The Butte Depot at 5:00pm on July 2nd. John Montoya will be playing. Bring your family and friends to this historical event.

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