The Butte Central Boys Basketball Team has taken tremendous pride in its uniform.  Not quite as much as their man-to-man defense, but still.  In fact, over the last 4 years, their jerseys have been worn on Saturday night at the State Tournament, three out of four times by young lads accepting a trophy.  And when you're getting a trophy, you've got to look good.

Coincidentally, Butte Central basketball gets new jerseys every 4 seasons and 2024 is the year they are due.  Butte Central is also a private school whose financial priorities at present time are ones that do not have new uniforms penciled in.  The Butte Central boys have been told that they are welcome to new uniforms, they'll just have to pay for them by themselves.  The bill?  They need to raise $4300 to pay for 14 pairs of home and visitor jerseys.  So, they're going to need a little bit of help.

Coach Brodie Kelly has been involved in three State Championships with Butte Central, two as Head Coach, in 2020 and 2022, and as a player in 1992 and has every intention of returning to "Saturday Night at State" again this season.  Coach Kelly has put out the call to all former players and coaches, teammates, alumni, fans and friends to help the team reach their $4300 goal.  In fact, Coach Kelly will be serving as the "treasurer" of sorts and is inviting anyone interested in donating to reach out by text at (406) 560-2935 or by email at  Coach Kelly assures you that 100% of donations will go towards the uniforms and nothing else.

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