Here is a look back at the Butte High Girls’ Freshman games against Glacier, Flathead, Missoula Big Sky, and Hellgate.

Butte High Freshman vs. Glacier 2/3/23

Butte High Bulldogs: 52         Glacier Wolfpack: 29

Franki Salusso – 17 points - 3-3 pointers, 4/6 free throws
Gracie Jonart – 17 points – 5/11 free throws
Ally Godbout – 8 points
Emma Johnson – 5 points
Tatum Giacomino – 3 points
Alexxys Danielson – 2 points

Notable Contributors:

Franki Salusso led the Lady Bulldogs from the point guard position by setting her teammates up with several dimes to her teammates.   Gracie Jonart was a force on the boards and created many second chance scoring opportunities for her Lady Bulldogs.

Coaches Notes:

Alexxy Danielson is our Junkyard Dog for giving great effort on the defensive side of the game.


Butte High Freshman vs. Flathead  2/4/23

Butte High Bulldogs: 40             Flathead Braves: 28

Gracie Jonart:20 points-  1-3 pointer, 7/14 Free Throws

Franki Salusso- 8 points
Alexxys Danielson – 4 points
Ally Godbout – 3 points, 1- 3 pointer
Tatum Giacomino – 1- 3 pointer
Emma Johnson – 2 points

Notable Contributors:

Gracie Jonart led the Lady Bulldogs in the post position by finishing through contact and contributing on the boards with many key rebounds.  Emma Johnson was also a force off the boards and served up several nice dimes to her teammates in the post position.

Coaches Notes:

Tatum Giacomino is the Junkyard Dog of the game by hitting a timely buzzer beater at the end of the third stanza.


Butte High Freshman vs. Missoula Big Sky 2/7/23

Butte High Bulldogs: 39        Big Sky Eagles:  37

Gracie Jonart- 21 points – 1/2 Free Throws

Emma Johnson – 10 points –
Franki Salusso – 4 points – 2/2 Free Throws
Ally Godbout – 2 points
Alexxys Danielson – 2 points- 0/2 Free Throws

Notable Contributors:

The Lady Dogs climbed out of a double digit hole to secure a victory on the road against the Big Sky Eagles.  Emma Johnson and Gracie Jonart were a force underneath as they punished the Eagles on the boards.  Franki Salusso led the Lady Dogs from the point guard spot by displaying great leadership and composure on both sides of the court.

Coaches Notes:

Ally Godbout is the Junkyard Dog for the game as she took a nice charge against the Eagles.


Butte High Bulldogs vs. Hellgate 2/17/23

Butte High Bulldogs:  39       Hellgate Knights: 20

Emma Johnson- 13 points – 2-3 pointers, 1/2 Free Throws

Ally Godbout- 11 points – 3-3 pointers
Franki Salusso – 9 points- 1/2 Free Throws
Gracie Jonart – 5 points- 1/2 Free Throws
Makenzie Dayhuff- 1 point- 1-2 free throws

Notable Contributors:

Ally Godbout and Emma Johnson put on a long-range distant show in the second half by burying several key three pointers to make the game out of reach for Hellgate. The entire Lady Bulldog team put on a great display of defense the second half by allowing no points in the third quarter.

Coaches Notes:

Alexxys Danielson is the Junkyard Dog for the game against Hellgate for taking a nice charge.

Sophomore game recaps can be found HERE.
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