An exclusive local business planning service has just announced an expansion of their current services to all entrepreneurs and has also unveiled an exciting new website.  The following is a release from Mark Shutey of MJS Business Services:

Butte, Montana (April 24, 2024) – Historically providing exclusive business plan development services on a referral only basis, MJS Business Services has now made its custom freelance writing services available to all entrepreneurs. Our team works to create customized business plans that clearly articulate the entrepreneur’s vision to tradition lenders, SBA lenders, grant providers, and private equity investors. Extensive proforma development services establish a solid foundation for both business start-up and expansion.

MJS Business Services has also expanded its reach to include white label website development, digital advertising, programmatic advertising, and more. Relationships with Fighting Stag Marketing, LLC (KY), TVIQ, among other top industry professionals pave the way for MJS Business Services to not only create strategic plans, but also provide the essential stepping stones to conducting business in the 21st century digital age.

From strategic planning to professional and creative writing services, to Public Relations, to initial website development, to SEO/SEM, and even programmatic advertising, MJS Business Services has positioned itself to be a one stop shop for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the global, national, or regional marketplace.

MJS Business Services is proud to announce the launch of its new comprehensive website:

For further details or information, please contact Mark ShuteySenior Consultant at MJS Business Services at (509) 998-6087 or send an email to

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