The An Ri Ra Montana Irish Festival is coming up on a milestone this summer.  The weekend of August 9th through the 11th will be the festival's 20th year in the Mining City and organizers are expecting the best festival to date.  In February, organizers announced the headlining performers for this years festival at the Original Mineyard and attendees are in for a treat as The Elders, Altan, The Spain Brothers and the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance will be this year's headliners.

Needless to say, that this festival again is going to be a huge undertaking.  Over 20 years, the An Ri Ra Festival has been a destination not only for Montana folks but for people from all over the globe.  And if the festival is to be as successful as in years past, it will rely heavily on volunteers.


Volunteers in many different capacities are needed for this year's festival and organizers are counting on help from the community.  If you are interested in being a part of the An Ri Ra, they could definitely use your help.  An informational meeting has been set for Wednesday, May 8th at Butte Brewing Company, 465 E. Galena.  The meeting is set for 6pm and there you will learn what types of volunteer help is needed and where you may be of the most value to the operations of the festival.  If you would like further details, please get ahold of Frank Walsh at or Mary Walsh at

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