This past week marked the 7th year the Anaconda Copperheads celebrated Homecoming as Class B contenders! In observing some of the events that took place over the past week in Anaconda, the spirit of Homecoming was vibrantly there, but in smaller enrollment numbers. Current student enrollment at Anaconda High is roughly 300, with about 72 from the senior class. During the days as Class AA contenders, each class easily had no less than 190 students, and by the time the Copperheads moved to Class A, class size was right along the 100 mark. If my father, Anaconda High educator, and coach Paul Sullivan, were alive today, he could give a better account of attendance and then, by memory, be able to tell you every team the Heads played for Homecoming dating back to the first game conducted at Mitchell Stadium. He would also be able to provide complete stats and scores. No doubt, he was a walking encyclopedia of sports.

My fluff piece doesn't have all of that (I didn't get the trait); instead, it's chock-full of memorable moments of Anaconda High's 2022 Homecoming! The students started spirit week with a traditional bonfire in front of Mitchell Stadium last Wednesday, complete with Copperhead cheers and momentum. By Thursday night, the Lady Copperheads Volleyball team took to the Snake Pit (Memorial Gym) to dominate the Lady Wardens in 3 (matches)! You could feel the gym's energy as fans showed up to support the athletes, cheerleaders, band members, and more during homecoming festivities.

Next, the almighty Copperhead school assembly and downtown parade took place Friday with traditional entries on tap to include Anaconda High Royalty, class floats, and pillaring firetrucks with Copperhead athletes on top. Loyal fans and alum lined the streets for blocks to pay tribute to the Heads. Then, in true homecoming style, the Copperheads football team took to the field Friday night with royalty and the  Anaconda High marching band performing during the half. The boys played hard but were defeated by Big Fork. Nonetheless, the support, energy, and spirit of true Copperhead fans were evident from the week-long Homecoming festivities. As with any admiration for an alma mater, this is a feeling that can never be taken away from anyone, no matter the circumstance or outcome. So tell us some of your favorite memories of your alma mater's Homecoming. See more amazing photos from Homecoming below!


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