It doesn't matter what stage of life you're enduring. We all have different experiences along the way at various times. Take dating, for instance. It's something that occurs between people, whether by way of a dating app or a friend arranging the "hook-up". Either way, once the date has been set comes the part of having to meet. Start simple with coffee or a walk in a public place. Yeah, I know. Yawn fest, but it's best to keep it basic initially, especially if you're still waiting on their background check. Lol. Dining out on a first date is also a safe bet as long as you prepare for what's ahead. When choosing a restaurant or the type of food you plan to inhale in front of your newfound "interest", make sure it's not too over the top. Yes, first impressions are important, so save your less-than-perfect eating manners and habits another day for Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful; Hmmm, like 3 or 4 months into the relationship. (see below)

So, here it is. Foods you should probably stay away from on a first date:

Spaghetti - This pasta dish worked fine for Lady and the Tramp, but don't make that "first date" more animated than it has to be. Spaghetti slurping could send your date over the edge, and the chance of getting red sauce on their shirt could cost you a hefty dry-cleaning bill.

Barbeque Ribs and Wings - Don't do it even if you're craving these babies! You'll spend most of the night picking meat out of your teeth and less time gazing into your date's eyes. Plus, they're messy from the get-go. Any food that requires wearing a bib and no silverware shouldn't be eaten on the first date.

Garlic and Onions - Not even chewing gum and breath mints can take away the smell of garlic and onions. Although they taste amazing and add nicely to many dishes, avoid overdoing it with these scoundrels. That is, of course, if you're hoping to go on a second date with your date.

Corn on the Cob: Along the same lines as barbecue ribs and wings, munching corn on the cob is messy and awkward to watch in action. Sure, it's delicious, but save it for a much later time in the relationship when picking at your teeth is considered cute by your significant other.

Salads & Fiber-Rich Vegetables - Unless you order salads regularly while dining out, don't play the pretend game to impress your date. A side salad is excellent, accompanied by an entre, but too much of one thing can also cause excessive gas, much like fiber-rich vegetables. These foods are only a good combination for a first date if you want to spend most of it in a public bathroom. Knowing what food NOT to order on a first date really comes down to good common sense. So, get ready to swipe right on that app and bon appetit.

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