In life, nobody agrees 100% across the board. While some people agree on politics the same group might not see eye to eye on music, movies, sports and most of all...PIZZA!  Deep dish maybe, but not a deep topic, right? Seriously though, it's easy to say that we get a little bottom sore when friends and family members don't agree with the toppings we choose for our beloved pizzas. Then there's the case of being a closet pizza lover, who will only add and enjoy their bizarre pizza toppings in the comfort of their homes, or so I've been told (wink).

So, in your opinion, what toppings should make the grade and which ones should not? I've seen a few interesting choices for pizza toppings to include pickles, mangos, bananas and sardines. Now, don't get me wrong as I am all about variety when it comes to toppings, but for me, bananas are definitely not on that list. Let's see...I'm all about pineapple, sauerkraut, and spinach as toppings but NOT on the same pizza!

Awesome places in the surrounding area currently serving up some favorites are MacKenzie River Pizza, The Haufbrau and Galicano's. For a limited time, Mac River has the Mountain Harvest pizza that offers prosciutto and butternut squash as toppings. Then there's the Haufbrau Special that uses sauerkraut as its main pizza topping.  Galicano's has the Cali Brah which features spinach, chicken and garlic. Honestly, almost anywhere you go you'll find the perfect pizza toppings just for you. So, let's not forget pizza pies created by Domino's, Silver Bow Pizza, Papa Murphy's, Pizza Ranch, Butte Brewing & Pizza Company, La Casa Toscana, Sparky's Garage, Pizza Hut, O'Bella, The Vu Villa, Little Caesars, Papa John's and of course, the ones made at home. So, back to the question; what toppings do you love on your pizza and what toppings should never be allowed on that beautiful disc shaped creation smothered in cheese? LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR ANSWERS!

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