At first glance, you may have thought this article was about the popular series, Stranger Things. However, the "stranger things" referenced here is the out-of-the-ordinary food concoctions we allow into our digestive systems. We all have interesting food cravings that others simply don't understand. Some people keep their cards close and don't want others to know about their quirky, not-so-common meal choices. Others have no problem putting their habits and unusual food creations out in public. I lean more towards being "shy" about sharing my crazy food combinations, but luckily, (depending on how you look at it) I'm ready to spill my guts on a few of my edible idiosyncrasies.

So here it goes! My top odd food choices include cream cheese, sprout and black olive sandwiches and ramen noodles cooked with a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter, cayenne pepper, soy sauce and a ridiculously large amount of shredded colby and parmesan cheese. Also on my "strange" food list is licorice ice cream topped with chocolate syrup. I don't engage in the latter as much because it's difficult to find this divine dairy flavor at times, which works out fine for my waistline.

At the radio work ranch, I also received some interesting feedback on questionable food choices. Dan, our market president, swears by scrambled eggs fried with leftover spaghetti and parmesan; Panisko is all about hamburgers with eggs, bacon and peanut butter as the main toppings; Tommy O, without flinching, revealed his love for cheese, lettuce and Miracle Whip sandwiches; Jasmine quickly asserted how her favorite thing from the school cafeteria back in the day was cinnamon rolls dipped in chili; and Kaedance didn't have anything off the charts that qualified, but spoke of her grandpa's love for peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches and the occasional craving for canned bread. Grandpa's name has been protected to avoid backlash from those easily made queasy.

The selections mentioned will either have you heading to the frig to assimilate your own creation, or cause you to pray to the porcelain gods for their level of disgust. What is it for you? Do you agree with any of the food choices suggested? Do you have your own unusual food cravings? Hey, let us know in our comment section!

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