I think it’s safe to say that the most talked about surname in America today, is Dutton.

The Yellowstone brand is incredibly popular and only seems to be gaining momentum. Season 5 of the ‘original’ Yellowstone series premiered on November 10th, with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as the central figure. The first 3 seasons were primarily filmed in Utah at over 20 different locations. Season 4 and 5 have brought significant change in that regard, and they have been filmed primarily in Montana. The one filming location that has never changed is the fictional Broken Rock Indian Reservation, which from season one on, has always been filmed on the Crow Indian Reservation.

The incredible Dutton family ranch is as much of a character in the series as any of the actors. In reality, it is a real working cattle ranch called the Chief Joseph Ranch just outside Darby, MT. When they are not filming, it does have cabins to rent, and a whole laundry list of activities to enjoy.

So, let’s move on from Yellowstone, and talk about the prequels, the first being 1883. Filmed mostly in Texas, but also here in Montana’s Paradise Valley. (where it sounds like the cast and crew froze). 1883 is being described as a mini-series, a 10-episode run with no plans (as of now) to continue the story.

1923, the second prequel to Yellowstone, is a bit different from 1883 in a couple of ways. The first is that every indication points to multiple seasons, the second is where it is being filmed, in and around Butte Montana.

The first trailer for 1923 was released yesterday. Take a look.

There were a lot of local sights immediately visible, here are the ones that I was able to identify, and one that stumped me!

Butte locations seen in the 1923 trailer

The Butte locations spotted in the new 1923 trailer

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