Everyone loves a deal. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Christmas gifts for others, or maybe for yourself, people love the rush of a ‘steal’. Maybe it’s the actual sensation of saving a bunch of money, it’s like patting yourself on the back for showing incredible self-control and not paying retail. Maybe it’s more of a modern hunter mentality. Either way, it doesn’t matter, people love a bargain.

It appears that people in Montana are particularly excited for after-Christmas deals. According to a study by Gambling.com Montana ranks as the #2 state in the country that is most interested in after-Christmas sales.

The research team used search engine data across the country for the past month+ on key terms like “January sales” “Holiday Sales” “After Christmas Sales” etc. So, think back, how many times have you looked up post-Christmas deals? According to the study, the state of Maine is at the top of the pile when it comes to looking for post-holiday deals, with approximately 3941 monthly searches.

Here in Montana, we are not far behind with 3400 average monthly searches.

Does that surprise you?

When I initially saw the ranking, it surprised me. But then I think about what stores look like the day after Christmas, and it starts to make sense. I can only speak for myself, but it feels like people in Butte love to get out and get to shopping on the 26th.

It is also interesting to me that the list has ‘lower population’ states toward the top. #3 on the list is Mississippi, #4 is Hawaii, and rounding out the Top 5 is Tennessee.

So, I think we celebrate our ranking in Montana! Start looking for those great deals coming up on Monday, and let’s climb to #1 on this list. Everyone likes a winner.
List provided by Gambling.com at https://www.gambling.com/us

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