The following is from Stephanie Sorini of the Butte Chamber of Commerce:

Attention all Business Owners & Managers! Evolve Your Business with Terry Watson in Butte, Montana: A Must-Attend Free Educational Event! The Rocky Mountain Association of REALTORS® and the Butte Chamber of Commerce are thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for business professionals to catapult their success to unprecedented levels. Join us for a transformative educational class with the renowned National Speaker Terry Watson, right here in Butte, Montana.

"Evolve or Evaporate"


This not-to-be-missed event will be hosted at the Copper King Convention Center on May 1, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, with a complimentary lunch provided. Elevate with "Evolve or Evaporate!" Prepare to elevate your business and customer service to stellar heights with Terry Watson's acclaimed "Evolve or Evaporate!" presentation. This dynamic session promises to arm you with revolutionary strategies and insights to:

  • Propel your business systems to celestial levels Amplify your profits beyond imagination.
  • Craft memorable customer experiences that forge lasting loyalty
  • Devise unbeatable business strategies that leave competitors in awe.  Convert your customers into your biggest advocates.
  • Experience a session that combines the thrust of a rocket launch with the thrill of a stand-up comedy, setting you on a trajectory towards extraordinary results.

"It's Not My Monkey"

Master Your Time with "It's Not My Monkey!" Feel like you're constantly entangled in others' dilemmas? "It's Not My Monkey!" is here to liberate you. Termed life-altering by attendees, this session will empower you to:

  • Establish boundaries to steer clear of unwarranted burdens.
  • Communicate effectively to prevent problem-dumping.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities, managing your time like a pro.

Navigate real-life scenarios with the "It's Not My Monkey" philosophy. Break free from the chaos of others' issues and reclaim your time and peace of mind. Don't miss this free event where education meets motivation, empowering you to transform your business and personal efficacy. Secure your spot for a day of learning, laughter, and lunch, and join the ranks of those who have chosen to evolve.

Register now to ensure your place in what promises to be a packed house. To register, call Jennifer Shea at (406) 560-5366, Tina West at (406) 593-0324 or Mandy Rangal at (406) 723-3356.  See you at the Copper King Convention Center – where future business leaders are made.

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