You really don't need to look too far in Butte to see that there are many among us who are living paycheck to paycheck.  Some of those do not even have a paycheck.  Their lives are meal to meal.  For some, their conditions are not as dire, yet they are still in need of assistance and that assistance is provided here in Butte by the Butte Emergency Food Bank.  What the Food Bank does here in Butte, for so many, is such an important service for those in need.  This Saturday, our local Postal Carriers are going to give you a chance to help the Food Bank through the Letter Carriers' Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

A national event, but help is given locally.

Although this food drive is a national event, it is very local indeed as everything collected will be brought to the Food Bank and it's means of collection leave very little legwork up to the donor.  Our local food carriers will be picking up the donations right at your doorstep and delivering it to the Food Bank warehouse that very evening.  Leave your nonperishables in a bag or small box near your mailbox and your letter carrier will take it from there.

What items are needed?

Nonperishable food items are the name of the game, so canned soups, spaghetti sauce, fruits and vegetables are all in high demand as are canned meats such as tuna fish, rice, beans, pasta and peanut butter.  Of course, toiletries and cleaning supplies can also be put to good use as well.  Please leave your donations out late Friday night or early Saturday morning and in advance, thank you.

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