Independence Day, especially in Butte, is a noisy affair.  Fireworks stands are now open all across town and explosions will be heard wee into the early morning hours at least until late next week.  You can count on it.

Personal views on fireworks aside, this is a very tough time of year for pet owners especially those whose animals are skittish by nature.  Last April, we lost our beloved German Shorthair, Snickers, and fireworks absolutely drove him insane.  Snickers was not much of a runner but once the explosions started, he would always quickly try to seek out a bed to hide under or a place where he could burrow.  Other dogs will run and every year at the radio station around this time we get more calls about lost pets than any other time of the year.

If your pets are spooked by fireworks, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure they stay safe.  First of all, try to keep them inside and when nature calls, make sure that you accompany them.  Keep all of your gates securely shut and do not leave them unattended, especially once the fireworks start.

If they get spooked indoors, try to provide a quiet, den-like setting they can use as a retreat.  I've found a dog bed with a few treats scattered inside a closet will sometimes calm a nervous dog.  A heavy blanket will sometimes work and if that fails you can find CBD treats at many veterinary offices and marijuana dispensaries.  Snickers liked his paired with the Beatles "Abbey Road" on repeat.

If your pet is known for escaping, please make sure that he or she is wearing identification with a phone number and even better, have them microchipped.

Here's to a happy Independence Day to you and your furry friends.

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