Don't be fooled by the quaintness of Philipsburg, Montana. The community's level of innovation and drive undoubtedly surpasses the majestic beauty of its scenic mountains and vibrant downtown. Philipsburg always has something in the works and this holiday season is no different. The non-profit organization Montana Grit Outdoors and countless volunteers have come together for several years to help put food on the table for families in need with their annual "Meat and Greet" event! No, it's not a typo, as this spectacular fundraiser is indeed premised on "meat"! The idea behind it allows ranchers and hunters to donate beef, pork, or venison to not only families in the area but also to the Southwest Montana Veterans Food Pantry in Deer Lodge.

The "Meat & Greet" happens this Saturday, December 10th, at the Philipsburg Theatre, 104 South Sansome Street, from 4 p,m. to 9 p.m. Anyone is welcome to contribute as long as the meat obtained is not store-bought. All meat products donated must be locally raised or harvested. You can still attend regardless of donating because that's what they do in Philipsburg; open their arm to the public! With that, enjoy a full-fledged gathering as LIVE music, food, beverages, and a gun raffle will also be on tap during the "Meat & Greet"!

To learn more about Saturday's "Meat & Greet" in Philipsburg, visit Montana Grit Outdoors HERE or check with the Southwest Montana Veterans Food Pantry by clicking PANTRY. Helping others is the name of the game in the big picture; this event plans to do just that and more this season.

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