When it comes to raising funds for local schools, parents and many members of the community are on board to show their support. Without organized school functions, many facilities would fall short of what is needed to thrive at full capacity during the school year. Across Montana, people have come together for schools in the best way possible because after all, it's all about the children! The motivating factor behind school fundraisers is our youth, who, in turn, are our future! What makes a school fundraiser successful is its level of appeal, and Fred Moodry Intermediate School is offering just that this FRIDAY (January 20th)! (see below)

Join the fun for a great cause with Fred Moodry Intermediate School's Night Out! Again, the event happens Friday, January 20th! It's four hours of excitement (5 pm to 9 pm) with a silent auction, cornhole tournament, bingo, food, and prizes! How's that for a level of appeal!? Admission is free, with all events occurring at Fred Moodry Intermediate School (219 E 3rd in Anaconda). To register for the cornhole tournament, email asaltenberger@anacondaschools.org. Slots are filling up fast! For those interested in a little bingo action, cards range from $1 to $5. Plus, a true staple of school functions will be the option to purchase the World's Finest Chocolate bars. Mmmm...I can taste that divine candy right about now. The Anaconda Community Foundation and other area businesses have made it possible for the Fred Moodry Intermediate School to shine this Friday. So, don't miss Fred Moodry's Night Out! More information is available by calling (406) 563-5269 (prompt #3) All schools in the district are invited to attend.

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