The Philipsburg Theatre is hosting a Brewfest and Chili Cook-off this Saturday from 1 pm- 5 pm.

This will be a wonderful excuse to head to ‘the Burg’ and have a great time. The event is a fundraiser benefitting a free children’s theatre camp this summer. The event is $30 a person, or $50 a couple and you will have your fill of tasty chili, and an incredible assortment of unique brews from outstanding breweries from across Montana.

The breweries who will be in attendance are, Mt. Ascension Brewing Co., Bridger Brewing, Beehive Basin Brewery, Oddpitch Brewing, Lewis and Clark Brewing Co., KettleHouse Brewing Co., Speakeasy 41, and of course the Philipsburg Brewing Company.

If you are interested in throwing your chili recipe up against everyone else, reach out to the Theatre via their Facebook page, and Good Luck! I hate to say it, but I don’t trust my recipe nearly enough to throw my hat in the ring, but I’ll most certainly step up and ‘judge’. Aka, eat a lot.

I love road trips to Philipsburg. Whether we are headed over for a specific reason or just a drive for dinner and ice cream, there aren’t many places I would rather spend a day than the ‘Burg. We spent a great day for Miners Union Day in Philipsburg this past September, and I haven’t been over this winter, so I am ready for a return. P’Burg does things right.

For more information on the Philipsburg Theatre you can find their Webpage HERE.

The Philipsburg Theatre is located at 140 South Sansome Street in Philipsburg.

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