My day started today like any other, 5am Alarm, expletive, let dogs outside, make coffee, shower, get dressed, and make daughters school lunch. 100% normal day.

Until I added my first variable.

After making my daughter a PB&J,  I decided I should make myself a sandwich for 2nd breakfast, or even elevensies.

When I got to work I dropped my much maligned sandwich in the studio and went to get some other work done. While I was out of the studio, Tommy O reacted to my perfect sandwich as though it was a rabid badger (American badger, not the British type) out to kill him, or at least maim him in some way. Then 'the cheap seats' started to mock how I made the sandwich! So lets talk about this perfect sandwich and why I know Gordon Ramsay has by back.


Look at that perfection, perfect uniform banana slices, peanut butter on both sides. Perfection.

Peanut Butter and Banana

Why the hate on PB & Banana

If you think the PB & Banana is bad, don't even get me started on a babysitter that used to butter the bread before making PB&J's.... It was awful

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