Mayonnaise. Is it worthy of a topic? I asked myself the same question and concluded that it has to be brought to light. Come on; mayonnaise is a stigma! You're either ostracized for liking it or worshiped for making the most fantastic salad and other recipes with it. For over two decades, up until about 2019, I boycotted mayonnaise like the plague. Initially, it stemmed from food poisoning "I think" I got from a macaroni salad left out too long at a birthday party (the perishable egg theory is accurate). From then on, it was me against mayonnaise! Unless it was used in a particular baked goodie, I happened to master in the mid-90s that family and friends raved about over the years. (I'll say it made the dessert in question very secrets revealed...yet).

Anyway, that's where the cheating use of mayo came in for me. I was conflicted about what, why, and where mayo should be used. So, yes, this piece is partially about being a mayo protester and a closet mayo user at the same time. As reflected in many findings to include the online site, The Record, mayonnaise is recognized as the 1756 invention of the French chef of Duke de Richelieu. While defeating the British at Port Mahon, the duke's chef worked on an entree that required cream and eggs. When no cream was available, he instead used olive oil in place. The rest is history as the denseness of this historical condiment was created!

When it comes to this concoction made centuries ago, up until recently, it was the texture that threw me off, followed by taste and aroma (minds out of the gutter, peeps). What is it for you? OR are you entirely on board with MAYO? There are definitely no right or wrong answers. What excellent desserts or tailgate appetizers have you made with mayo this season? We look forward to your mayo-induced responses!

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