Okay, I'm going to say it, even though there's still plenty of summer left, it's technically time to get the kiddos ready for SCHOOL!! No, no, don't leave just yet as the core of this article is about  coming together for the community and in a fun way!  The Stuff the Bus Backpack and School Supply Program is doing just that, today, July 29th! This effort to help replenish school items for our youth in the

community, happens throughout the day at Town Pump off Elizabeth Warren in Butte.

This annual event has been very successful in the past with Jim Miller, of Let Us Run, organizing the event. Individuals such as Jasmine Ryan and  many others have been instrumental in helping make the program successful. The idea today, is to LITERALLY "Stuff The Bus" parked at the Town Pump off Elizabeth Warren, with essentials for school aged kids. Again, some of the main items needed for donation include backpacks, notebooks, binders and more. Miller of Butte's "Stuff the Bus" came up with the idea years ago when an individual he had helped through his organization, asked if he knew anybody that would be donating school supplies for the upcoming school year. The rest is history!

The program has really taken off and they're hoping for an exceptional turnout this year. The organization and the community greatly appreciate the donation of school supplies for local children. So, while you continue on with your fabulous day today :), please consider dropping off your donations of backpacks, notebooks, binders and more during the Stuff the Bus Fundraiser taking place today, in the big yellow bus parked at the Town Pump off Elizabeth Warren. While you're at it, tune your radio to 95.5 KMBR to hear our live broadcast from Town Pump today for this awesome event!

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