This might just be my favorite ‘new rule’ I have seen; maybe ever.

The Deptford Little League in New Jersey is sick and tired of losing umpires due to nasty parents. So, they have instituted a new rule:

“Fight with umpires during a game and you’ll face a ballpark suspension UNTIL you umpire three (3) games yourself.”

That sentence is so damn fantastic.

It can work in a Little League format. I assume most people that have played baseball and have been sitting in the stands for a Little League game, have been asked to ump a game due to no one being available. I know the first time I was asked, I quickly realized just how little I knew about being an infield ump.

My first thought on the sentence of the offending spectator is they obviously can’t ump a game involving their kid(s). I then went to, maybe they should be forced to ump a game of a rival, but logic set in and that is NOT a good idea either. So, it has to be a step back in age group.

Do I think the rule will hold? No.

The first parent that gets hit with it will ‘lawyer up’ quicker than Lenny Dykstra.

But if it makes an unruly ‘spectator’ think twice before they open their trap, awesome!

The Spirit of Sport After Hurricane Maria In Puerto Rico
Little League plate appearance (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Lumix)

Now we just need to figure out how to get this to the high school level and cut our MHSA officials a bit of slack, that would be fantastic.

Our dwindling number of officials for ALL High School sports continues to be an issue. IF you would like to become an official with the Montana High School Association, you can find out more information on the website.

My only remaining question is, is it a double play if you call strike 3 on the player, and throw their parent out in the same at-bat?

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