Texas-based The Wilder Blue are making their way to Big Sky Country for a highly-anticipated show April 7 at Butte's Knights of Columbus Hall.  "When I say we're from Texas, we're from all over Texas," lead guitarist Paul Eason told us.  "Houston, Dallas, Denton, Austin, San Antonio and we've even got a guy from Kansas," Easton added.  "We do a lot of driving."  However, their layered sound which features astounding five-part harmonies is more reminiscent of 70s pop than it is Texas Swing.  Frontman Zane Williams agrees. "People compare us sometimes maybe to a cross between the Eagles and Alabama, we do have a lot of those harmonies.  We draw a lot of inspiration from the 70s era, everything from the Doobie Brothers to Charlie Daniels.  We've got a little bluegrass in our mix.  People like to think of us as old-school country but I think there's a lot of variety in our sound as well."  Check out their original music and learn more about the band at www.thewilderblue.com.

Doors open on April 7 at the Butte Knights of Columbus Hall on the corner of Park and Idaho and music is scheduled to start at 8pm.  Just announced as an opener is Sean Eamon.  Advance tickets are available at www.montanabooking.com and also in person at Collective Elevation at 34 E. Galena in Uptown Butte.  Listen to the 92.5 KAAR-FM morning show with Tom O'Neill and Paul Panisko to hear more from The Wilder Blue's latest album and for many chances to win tickets to the show.

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