It is one thing to be a cover band doing a Doors song.  It is not uncommon for bands right here in Southwest Montana to perform classics such as "Light My Fire" or even "Roadhouse Blues" as part of their nightly setlists.  But there is a difference between playing a Doors song and performing a Doors song.  The Doors were a performance band, and a performance band must be seen, well, in performance.  Most of us have only seen grainy tapes of Jim Morrison and company in concert or Val Kilmer's Oliver Stone-tinged performance in the early 90s on the big screen.  But there's a quintet out of Bozeman who do their best to bring the Doors legendary stage presence to life, not just a song but a nearly note-perfect retrospective.  And they will be doing it this Friday night, February 16, at Butte's Covellite Theater, 215 W. Broadway.

Mojo Risin' formed in 2022 and they pride themselves on their musicianship and performance.  Of course, their set consists of the Doors favorites that have made them a household name since the late 1960s, but you will also enjoy some deep cuts too.  But most of all you will enjoy the presentation of the music, which Mojo Risin' does as true to the Doors style as any band could.

Advance tickets to the show are available for $10 at Headframe Spirits and at Collective Elevation.  Tickets will be $15 the day of the show.  Doors open at 7pm, showtime is at 8pm and their friends Pony Express will be the openers.

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