It was a night to remember as thousands of holiday enthusiasts filled the streets of The Smelter City for the Anaconda Christmas Stroll this past Friday! The festivities began with an awe-inspiring lighted parade that started on Main Street and made its way back to Kennedy Common for the Tree Lighting Ceremony and a much-anticipated visit from Santa Clause. Then came an intense moment as participants waited around the majestic ceremonial tree to see if they would be the winner of the grand prize giveaway of $1500! As it turned out, the proprietor of that prize money went to Teresa Tyler of Wyoming, who was visiting family for the holiday season. Excellent work, Teresa! Regardless of winning the Stroll's big prize or not, everyone remained in good spirits and seemed to be filled with holiday cheer (figuratively, and in some cases literally) throughout the night!


A very enduring part of the Anaconda Christmas Stroll was when a float in memory of two outstanding Anacondans, Jade Green and Lowell Grosvold garnered the light parade. The float created by Greg J Warner was in honor of the two young men who lost their lives in an avalanche while snowmobiling on New Year's Day in 2020. The float colorfully displayed snowmobiles once owned by Jade and Lowell, which resonated the celebration of their lives. During Anaconda's Christmas Stroll last Friday, and true to its name, many made their way toward downtown Anaconda following the lighting ceremony, to partake in holiday shopping, dining, supporting fundraisers, and more! Newly renovated stores and staple businesses in the community decorated their storefronts for a night of fun and entertainment for family and friends alike. One of the many highlights of the Stroll was the incredible LIVE mannequins displayed in decorated storefronts. Those who participated as mannequins were all children from the community who followed their tasks to the "T" last Friday night. Their efforts kept people guessing whether it really was a mannequin they just saw in the window or a human being in disguise. Here's to everyone who helped make Anaconda's Christmas Stroll a huge success. It might have to become a quarterly event at the rate it's going! Imagine up, The Valentine's Stroll, followed by the Easter and Independence Day Stroll! It could happen.

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Ladies Night Out is Coming Soon to the Area

On December 1st, women will have the chance to enjoy a post "season of giving" treat! That's when Ladies' Night Out will take place at the Anaconda Elks Lodge! The Copper Village Museum and Arts Center hosts the event annually.

Butte "Winter" Farmers' Market Continues

With the winter weather sometimes stifling people from getting from point A to point B, the "indoor" Butte Winter Farmer's Market gives people a chance to come together in a comfortable and accessible environment.

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