One of the true hidden gems of Southwest Montana is the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center in Anaconda.  From its humble beginnings in 1971 as a master thesis project for a local art teacher, Sister Joann Daley, to the renovation and restoration of the historic building that now serves as its headquarters, the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center is not only a gallery for seasoned artists but a gateway to learning for those who are aspiring to perfect their respective crafts.

"Exhibitions in the Engine House Gallery feature local and traditional arts, contemporary artists from Montana, and exhibits of national and world views. Literary programs feature outstanding new, and established Montana writers. In addition, Copper Village offers technical assistance and financial services to other arts groups and individuals to help strengthen the larger arts community. " -

Copper Village Museum and Arts Center has become integrated into the fabric of the Anaconda community and all of the area through many different productions that feature talent from all over Southwest Montana representing all age groups.  In fact, education is integrated into all of their programs.  And the programs vary from "artists residencies, school visits, gallery tours, after school pottery, and summer programs all serve our youth. Adults can choose from a variety of courses and workshops for lifelong learning."

What can the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center do for you and your family?  What programs do they offer that are of interest?  Stop by tonight, Tuesday, September 19 from 5:30 to 7:30.  Stop by to learn about their programs, take a tour and enjoy snacks and beverages.  The evening will also feature a presentation from architects on upcoming projects.  Copper Village Museum and Arts Center is located at 401 E. Commercial.

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