There are a lot of things here in Montana that you just can't measure.  Natural beauty.  Friendly people.  Prime recreation.  Whether Montana's beauty, people or opportunity are the best in the world remains up for debate, there are some other records, some strange world records that took place in or are at home right here in the Treasure State.

World's Largest Surviving Masonry Structure - Anaconda Smokestack


Just down the road in Anaconda you will find one of the most impressive remnants of Southwest Montana's rich mining past in the Anaconda Smokestack which is recognized by our friends at the  as the world's largest surviving masonry structure at 585 feet tall.  Once part of the Anaconda Company's smelter it is inaccessible but is recognized as a Montana State Park.  You can learn all about the stack and take pictures from a nearby viewing area.

World's Largest Penguin Statue - Cut Bank

Photo: Google Earth
Photo: Google Earth

The World Record Academy lists the nearly three-story tall, five-ton talking penguin in Cut Bank, Montana as a world record.  The penguin was assembled in 1989 in honor of Cut Bank's claim of having the lowest-ever recorded temperature in the lower 48.

World's Largest Snowflake - Ft. Keough, MT

Blue Snowflake icon on white background
Photo: Townsquare Labs/hayatikayhan

The world record for largest snowflake was set all the way back in 1887 by a rancher near Ft. Keough, Montana.  One has to wonder about the legitimacy of the claim, though, as there is no photographic evidence of the snowflake and almost as little photographic evidence of Ft. Keough.

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