When it comes to children, valuable time in a given day should always be set aside to instill in them their importance and worth. If that's too touchy-feely for some, so be it, but I, like so many, believe that children aren't recognized and encouraged nearly enough in an ever-changing, growing, and fast-paced society. So here's to the teachers, peers, coaches, mentors, parents, and others who genuinely take the initiative to look out for children positively and productively in today's world! Luckily for the community, the United Way of Butte (1880 Harrison Avenue) is part of the equation that aims to give back to our youth! (continued...)

The United Way's next event this Saturday, March 25th, proves to be part of the solution in raising children's hopes, dreams, and spirits as they prepare to host the "2023 Day of the Child" in the Butte Plaza Mall beginning at 11 a.m.! Local non-profit groups throughout Butte Silver-Bow County and Montana will provide several activities for participants. Plus, youth in the community will have a chance to win two bicycles and a $25 gift card upon participation in the day's events . "Day of the Child" is open to those in kindergarten through sixth grade. United Way's "movement," says it all. Their volunteers, partners, advocates, and donors are committed to the well-being and advancement of education, financial stability, and health in the community. The "Day of the Child" is premised on building strong relationships between youth and peers in Montana. The basis helps set the tone for a child looking to "find their way" via the  United Way. To learn more leading up to Saturday's event in the Butte Plaza Mall and all things "United Way," call (406) 782-1255.

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