The balloon.

The balloon had itself a weekend.

It was more popular than the ‘Pro-bowl’.

More people were watching it than the Grammys.

Hell, I had conversations with Cross-fitter’s that mentioned the balloon BEFORE they mentioned Cross-Fit. Which is just bonkers.

When we first heard of the balloon Friday morning we figured it for a Richard Branson prank, or, I was honestly kind of hoping, it was a guy who tied a bunch of balloons to a lawn chair and went for a joyride (again).

When we heard the ‘official’ details we posed the question “ When the Chinese spy satellite does a Butte flyover, what are they going to learn about us?”

Randi Wedlake came away with the most ‘liked’ comment. “They’ll see the Pit and think we’ve already been bombed”

Chinese Spy Baloon view of Butte Montana
Chinese Spy Baloon view of Butte Montana

This logic is hard to argue with. This is a face only a mother could love.

Julie Acebedo was speaking my love language when she said "they will see we don’t have a Taco John’s anymore". Pour some out for trips through the drive-thru, when your order is 20 hard shells, a spuds and cheese and a large DIET Pepsi..

Danica Hagar said they will learn that Butte isn’t like the show Yellowstone. Solid.

That said, I think we should tell everyone that the whole (spoiler) Ghost Ship segment on the new episode of 1923, was filmed on Beautiful Lake Berkley.

"Enjoy Beautiful Lake Berkley!"
"Enjoy Beautiful Lake Berkley!"

We had a whole lot of ‘Shoot it down’ comments, which Tommy O tried. (and failed)

But the truly ‘Butte Response’ was from Daniel Navarro, who said, and I paraphrase, “Looking down at Butte we should show them the moon” We have all seen videos of those choreographed flash mob dances, during the next spy balloon flyover we need 30 thousand 'moons' shining skyward.

It would bring a tear to the eye.

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