Butte's Berkeley Pit is hard to miss.  Whether you're heading east anywhere uptown or even just glancing over the area on Google Maps, you're going to run into it.  For residents the Berkeley Pit is as natural a part of the landscape as the East Ridge or the Highlands but to visitors it is the first thing that they notice.  And some of them have event reviewed it on Yelp.  Some of the comments are pretty interesting.

Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

Crystal W. from Saskatoon, Canada writes:

 Butte might be tagged as "The Richest Hill on Earth" but it appears to be a sad little city, so why not support the economy?

Read Crystal W.'s review of The Berkeley Pit Visitor Center on Yelp

Crystal W. is one of our neighbors from Canada who, while impressed with what she saw for her $2 (at the time) admission fee and the selection in the gift shop, was less than impressed by the town itself.  A "sad little city".  Hopefully the twenty bucks she dropped on admission, "Ski the Pit" t-shirts and Butte Rat bumper stickers will get us on more solid financial footing for 2023.

Drew C. from Brooklyn, NY writes:

honestly disappointed. thought this was supposed to be a red hole

Read Drew C.'s review of The Berkeley Pit Visitor Center on Yelp

Drew C. from Brooklyn was apparently unhappy with the coloring.  We don't know why he was expecting a red hole or why that would be a source of disappointment.  Drew was also puzzled at the presence of water.  But he liked the bathrooms.  So we have that going for us.

Kevin A from Chicago, IL writes:

 People who complain about government getting in the way of business should take a dip in that pit and see what happens when you let businesses exercise their will without any controls or regulations.


Read Kevin A.'s review of The Berkeley Pit Visitor Center on Yelp

Kevin A, from Chicago takes a more realistic view of the Pit and the effects that unrestricted mining from Butte's past has had on our present environment.  But he takes it a bit too far in describing our landscape as "polluted, disgusting, depressing, barren, abused, (and) raped".  Shortsightedness at it's finest as some of the most beautiful architecture, people and scenery (yes, Kevin, scenery) can be found right here in the Mining City.  But in Butte, we're actually cleaning the big body of polluted water that lies next to our city.

What are your thoughts on the Berkeley Pit?  Stay up to date here.

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