Choosing a career of service, such as when one becomes a police officer, is a heroic action in and of itself.  An officer never knows what a typical day has in store and there is always a distinct possibility that they may literally have to put their life on the line.  It is when an officer goes above and beyond the line of duty and save a life that the title of hero is well-earned and deserved.  That is exactly what three Butte-Silver Bow Police officers did and they were recognized for their actions last week. Officers Josh Robinson, Will Link, and Shon Hicks were honored at the Montana Police Protective Association/Montana Association of Chiefs of Police convention.

Officer Robinson was honored with the Medal of Honor for his actions in pursuing the suspect in a dangerous and tragic domestic situation involving PTSD, alcohol and a firearm, providing for the potential victims' safety in a tragedy that had a strong possibility of being much worse.  Officer Link was given the Lifesaving Award for being the first on the scene of a man who was down and not breathing.  Link administered CPR and lifesaving measures until an ambulance arrived and was of further valuable assistance on the way to the hospital.  The man stabilized and was able to survive.  Officer Hicks was also given the Lifesaving Award for his heroic work resuscitating an unresponsive infant until medical units arrived.  Although the infant eventually passed, Officer Hicks actions allowed the baby to survive to be further cared for at the hospital.

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