Saturday, July 22 is a date that over 500 mountain bike racers from 18 states and Canada have circled on their calendars as the annual Butte 100 series of mountain bike races is set for its' 16th running.  The Butte 100 is a series of 3 races including the grueling 100-mile race, the Butte 50 (a 50-miler), and the 25-mile Sorini 25.  Volunteers are needed and a couple of meetings (with free pizza, salad and beer) are coming up on July 11 and July 19 at 5:30 in the conference room of Butte Brewing Co.

The Butte 100 simply would not take place without volunteers who have helped to make this a world-class athletic event.  Volunteers, or the "Neon Army" as they fondly refer to themselves, are needed at virtually every stage of the event from set-up and registration to help with parking, food and awards.  They are in need of bartenders as well.  Volunteers will be needed at aid stations and course martials are also sought after.  Teams of volunteers are needed to mark the course, to man aid stations at different locations on the course, to alert traffic and many, many other duties.  But their hard work will not go unrewarded as all volunteers will receive an official Neon Army  t-shirt as well as entry into the volunteer raffle to win a Specialized Mountain bike.  Food and beverages will be provided at the start/finish, plus a few weeks after the race there will be a big volunteer appreciation BBQ.

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the Neon Army?  Here's what volunteers from previous years have to say.

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