If you're interested in forming a volleyball team to compete in the 2023 Butte Silver Bow Parks and Recreation Department's fall league, now is the time to get your roster together and turned in.  Beginning Monday, the Parks and Rec Department will open registration for both the Womens' Rec League and the Co-ed Competitive League.  Entry is on a first-come, first served basis with the first 10 paid-in-full teams with completed rosters being accepted.  No players under the age of 16 will be allowed to compete and the registration deadline is Wednesday, November 29th.  the entry fee in either league is $100 per team.

In the Women's Rec League, there will be no officials and calls will be made on the honor system by participants.  Rally scoring will be used during the two 15-minute periods with teams switching sides at the half.  In the Co-ed Competitive League they will also use rally scoring and will again call their own violations.  Teams will play 2 15-minute periods and switch sides at the half.  Montana High School Association volleyball rules will apply and teams will play 6-on-6 with no more than 3 males allowed on the floor for one team at any given time.

The season will start on Monday, December 4th and will consist of 7 regular-season games and a single-elimination championship tournament to be played at the conclusion of the regular-season.  The Womens' Rec League will play on Mondays with games beginning at 6pm and the Co-ed Competitive League on Wednesdays, also starting at 6pm.

Want to get a team together?  Here is a link to the roster/release form that you will need to turn in at the Parks and Rec office in the Civic Center or email to ejheard@bsb.mt.gov. Please call (406)497-6751 with any questions.

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