For several decades now the Croatian community in Anaconda has celebrated Mesopust; a tradition in preparation of Easter to cleanse away the misfortunes of the preceding year. As families migrated to Montana from Central and Southeast Europe dating back to the early 1930's and during World War II, the decision to carry on the tradition of Mesopust in Southwest Montana helped Slavic communities adjust to their surroundings, and feel more at home in a foreign land. As Croatian families have grown and expanded over the years, so has their faith and beliefs. That's why the St. Peter & Paul Society of the Croation Fraternal Union of Anaconda is carrying on the tradition of Mesopust this month! Generations upon generations of enthusiasts will gather together at the Croation Hall (816 E Third, Anaconda) on Sunday, February 19th beginning at 5 p.m. for a feast of traditional dishes, singing, and Kolo dancing. (More about Mesopust below)

Kolo is a traditional folk dance where participants move in a circle while interlinking hands to form a chain. The Kolo dance is said to play an important social role in the Slavic community as it represents the history, culture and tradition of an ethnic group. Kolo is originally danced to the rhythm of tamburitza music or a combination of bagpipes and flutes. On to the topic of food at the upcoming Mesopust in Anaconda. Traditional dishes of sarma (cabbage & meat), kolbase (sausage), potatoes, salad, dessert and more will be deliciously displayed. Take out orders are also available in advance. For reservations and more information please call (406) 563-6859.

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